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  • product customizations according to customer’s specifications
  • machining services
  • Processing services range from simple length cutting of bar to complex multiple processing

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CNC Laser Cutting

Laser CNC cutting refers to a manufacturing process that utilizes laser technology and computer numerical control (CNC) systems to cut and shape materials with precision. It is commonly used in various industries, including metalworking, woodworking and fabrication.

The process involves a high-powered laser beam that is focused onto the surface of the material to be cut. The laser beam rapidly heats and vaporizes or melts the material, creating a narrow kerf or cut. The CNC system controls the movement of the laser, guiding it along the desired cutting path based on a digital or computer-aided design (CAD) file.

Laser CNC cutting offers several advantages over traditional cutting methods. It allows for intricate and precise cuts. including complex shapes and patterns. The laser beam is highly controllable, enabling sharp corners, tight tolerances, and fine details. The process is fast and efficient, with high cutting speeds and minimal material waste.

Various materials can be cut using laser CNC systems, Including metals (Such as steel, aluminium and titanium) wood, plastics, acrylics, fabrics and composites. The type and power of the laser used depend on the materials being cut. Different laser types, such as Co2 lasers or fiber lasers, are chosen based on their specific characteristics and suitability for the material.

Laser CNC cutting finds applications in industries like aerospace, automotive, electronics signage, jewelry and prototyping, among others. It enables the production of intricate components, parts and products with high accuracy and repeatability. Additionally, Laser cutting can be combined with other processes like engraving, marking or etching to add additional functionality or aesthetic appeal to the cut parts.